Awww. It’s love day. And to celebrate, I’m thinking about some of my favorite power couples in the Christian music world.

They say a good relationship is like a beautiful duet, but in these cases, that’s fairly literal.

Here are a few pairs that are making sweet, sweet music (and doing great things in ministry).


1. Korey & John Cooper (Skillet)

These two have been making music together a long time, not just as half of platinum-selling rock band Skillet, but in their churches as well. They have two stinking awesome kids together, and show no signs of slowing down. The couple that rocks together, stays together and changes the world, basically.


2. Joel & Moriah Smallbone (for KING & COUNTRY / Trala)

These two are accomplished singers and songwriters in their own rights, but they see each other as trusted confidants and creative consultants, bouncing ideas, concepts and dreams off one another. You can tell they’ve influenced each other’s music, from the couple-centric song “Pioneers” to the for KING & COUNTRY-style band Moriah has put together.


3. Kari Jobe & Cody Carnes

These two met and fell in love leading worship together, and now they’re doing that all over the world. Meanwhile, they’ve had two adorable babies and are frequently finding ways to appear on each other’s recordings.


4. Janna & Greg Long (Avalon)

Janna and Greg met while Greg was a solo CCM artist, but in the years to follow, he’d find himself joining her group, Avalon. Together, they continue to lead the iconic vocal group and passionately invest in their family and local church.


5. Jenn & Brian Johnson (Bethel Music)

These two are the driving force behind Bethel Music — the longest-serving worship leaders at Bethel Church and the pastoral covering over the now-global worship movement. When they’re both on the platform, it’s awesome to see their temperamental differences work together — Brian’s chill, reverent vibe with Jenn’s explosive, fireball praise.


6. Nicole & David Binion

The energy and passion of this couple has inspired many worship leaders. They’ve written countless songs, traveled the world and, recently, planted a new church together. These seasoned worshippers now offer themselves as sage advisors to a new generation of worship leaders rising up — although their latest album shows they have no intention of slowing down themselves.


7. Jaci Velasquez & Nic Gonzales

Jaci used to do Christian pop. Nic was in Salvador. Now they’re singing worship songs together (in Spanish!) and are raising their family.

8. JJ & Dave Heller

JJ Heller has been making music for years, but people who follow her know that her husband, Dave, is an essential part of her music-making and stage show. They’re just too stinking adorable.


9. Katie & Bryan Torwalt (Jesus Culture)

This pair has such a powerful blend of singing styles. Their worship songs are built as duets that maximize harmonies, showcase their vocal strengths and juxtapose their different energies.


10. Melissa & Jonathan David Helser (Bethel Music)

This North Carolina pair is just a stinking powerhouse. They not only run their own ministry together in the South, but they write and sing some killer songs together. Between Jonathan’s raw raspiness and Melissa’s punch-you-in-the-face intensity, their contribution to Bethel has been significant.


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