To have that happen in Australia, South Korea, Switzerland, Thailand, England, Ireland, around the States, and on and on, it’s just baffling, and to know that it’s happening in cities and countries I haven’t even been to yet, it doesn’t seem like reality.

CCM: Do you find a significant difference when playing live in such varied settings?
CA: I actually don’t find there to be much difference at all. We all have our unique cultures and ways of life around the world, from Australia to Japan to Kenya, but the same can be said from California to Idaho to South Carolina. The crowds may look different from place to place, and in some places I have someone translating everything I say between songs, but the overall it’s the same experience. I make sure every audience knows they are just as much a part of the show as I am and have them involved from start to finish. We have an experience together.

CCM: What made you decide to release a Vol. II of Every Moment?
CA: I wanted to have a physical product available at live events that includes the new music, but in such a singles-driven era, I want to release new content more often rather than an album every couple of years. So, I decided to treat the physical and digital products differently, giving people access to unique content that won’t be available online.

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Every Moment Vol. II will only be available as a physical product on my website, at live events, and some international Christian retailers, whereas I’ll release only the radio singles online for streaming. For this year at least, I think it’ll be the perfect way for an independent artist like myself to embrace how I personally consume music—online streaming—while providing a way for people to more directly support my music and ministry by offering a physical product of content they can’t get anywhere else.


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