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Curt Anderson is calling from Australia. He’s headed back there again within days of returning to the States as he has multiple singles aiming for significant chart spots. It’s just one country of many on the other side of the globe that appreciates Anderson’s music.

From Asia to Australia and Africa to America, Anderson is still finding significant traction with the songs on Every Moment (buy). In fact, Everyone Moment Vol. II (buy) is on the way with four new songs that showcase further growth from the strong pop showmanship heard on the original release on Dream Records.

We recently sat down with Anderson to hear more about his global pursuits, where they’re taking him next and how a simple e-mail mistake started the entire journey.

CCM Magazine: Your music has taken you all over the globe, but how did that first start?
Curt Anderson: The start of it goes back to 2006 when I was a junior in college. I was also substitute teaching at a local high school. I was sitting there during a class sending out a bunch of emails trying to book some shows. Eventually I got one back from Northern Plains Christian Youth Convention. I thought it meant the northern plains of the United States, but they wrote me saying, “Hey we love your music. We wanted to see if we can get you for our event, but we’re not sure you realize we’re in Australia, but what would it take to get you here?” [Laughs]

CCM: Does it still ever surprise you that you’re able to take your music to so many places?
CA: I don’t know that it necessarily surprises me anymore in the way you’d expect, though I can’t help but chuckle when I’m walking down a street in some far-flung country and think, “How did I get here?” The part that never ceases to surprise me is getting on stage and hearing people sing the words to my songs. Even with a Top 5 song on the charts here in Australia—and both of my last two singles topping the charts here—it almost doesn’t feel real to think people hear my songs and turn up the radio like I do with the songs I love.


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