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At the beginning of each of us, God places within our hearts the capacity to believe in what is unseen.

We call this faith.

At the same time, He blesses us with the ability to see beauty, love and grace in ways that are tangible—our children, the kindness of others…a song. Some call this grace—God’s provision realized.

Among the many visceral elements that point to the great-unseen God of love, the most poignant and life altering is the cross.

When we cast our eyes to that terrible tree, we see the unimaginable, incomprehensible love and mercy that is our redemption, our freedom and, as Chris Tomlin says, our foundation.

“The idea of never losing sight of the cross has become so central to my life and all that I’m doing,” says Tomlin. “The cross is the reason there is a church…it’s the reason that there’s anything. I hope to never lose sight of that and hope to remind people that even in the hardest of days, never lose sight because all things are possible.”


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