Once again, he’s done just that. Before even hearing the songs a full-time through, listeners are already singing along, as if they’ve known them for years. Despite the accessibility, Never Lose Sight does showcase a different side and sound from Chris. His voice sounds fuller, warmer, as if mellowed a bit by life and all its happy challenges. Moreover, the lyrics, while easy to learn and grab onto, aren’t necessarily obvious. Even after all these years and all these songs, Tomlin is still finding new ways to present the love and reality of God in a language that’s as fresh as it is accessible.

Many of those songs took center stage at Chris’s main-stage event, which brought the concept of corporate worship to a new level. On October 25, 2016 audiences in churches and theaters around the country came together to watch Chris and a bevy of the finest musicians and worship leaders in the world—Phil Wickham, Tasha Cobbs, Kim Walker-Smith, Matt Maher, Matt Redman, among others—joined forces with pastors and authors Max Lucado and Louie Giglio, for Worship Night In America. With every seat filled in Madison Square Garden, Tomlin and his team approached a nation that has been wracked by a tumultuous political environment and a season of divisiveness with a simple message.

“The goal is to pray for the nation,” Tomlin simply states. “Prayer is greater than politics. In the midst of this time when things are so charged and there is so much uncertainty and unrest, it’s time for the church to stand together and seek God, turn to Him and confess. It starts with us. It starts with our people.”

Waving only the white flag of surrender to an almighty God, Chris Tomlin did on October 25, 2016 what he has been doing his entire career—humbling himself, turning to God and inviting the church to join him. Beyond that, this most decorated of artists generously took a backseat, sharing the stage, honoring the art of his colleagues.

His demeanor is not of the “most sung songwriter of all time,” but continues to be that of many humbled by an awesome God; a father in love with his little girls and trying to figure out this thing called parenting; a husband committed to his home and family first; a sinner saved by grace.

His demeanor reflects his line of sight. He has removed distractions and set his eyes to rest daily upon the cross and upon the God who sacrificed His own Son. As Tomlin daily surrenders and commits to maintaining that view, he exemplifies for the rest of us how we can do the same and the kind of life—full, abundant, forgiven—we can all experience when, we too, never lose sight.

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