Brick by brick, people settled in Shinar to build a city with a tower to reach the heavens. Terrified of being scattered across the earth (the very thing God commanded them to do), they poured all of their resources into their vision of establishing a city and making a name for themselves. Fear was the fuel for their work, and personal glory was their finish line.

The tower of Babel is a story that shows both the limitless possibilities and the dangers of humans partnering together for a common goal. Before God dismantled their plans with chaos and confusion, He made us aware of the power of unity:

“If as one people speaking the same language they have begun to do this, then nothing they plan to do will be impossible for them.”- Genesis 11:6 (NIV)

The people of Shinar were of the same language, innovating their way to new heights, and sharing resources for the sake of achieving the same goal. Their efforts were in alignment, but their end goal was not. They had proper means to an improper end.

In our current world, it’s common to be guilty of retreating to the opposite end of the partnership pendulum. We can be too successful in the call to scatter, while neglecting the call to partner with our neighbors. We can expand our personal ministries and claim to be working towards glorifying God, just preferring to do so in the comfort of our self-built safe havens.

One of the exciting opportunities at Catalyst Atlanta is the possibility for the Church to move a little closer to a healthy balance between scattering and partnering. We recognize that thousands of leaders come to Catalyst Atlanta in order to be encouraged and equipped, and we believe that connecting them with a trustworthy partner could be one of the greatest lasting takeaways of their event experience. The right partnership extends worship beyond the two-day experience.

“The common church leader faces more than enough of their own challenges. Budgets, hiring, outreach, teaching, services, meetings, training. The list goes on. We want to ease some of the pain that comes with being a leader, while equipping them to move their vision forward by connecting them with a trustworthy partner.”- Nikki Sharrett, Director of Sponsorships

Finding a partner that fits well with your team’s vision shouldn’t be another stressor on your to-do list. Catalyst Atlanta makes it easy by gathering dozens of trustworthy and specialized sponsors in one place, providing a space for every leader to re-evaluate certain aspects of their ministry.

The people of Shinar realized the power of partnership. Their mistake was using it to work their way towards heaven for the purpose of making a name for themselves. Heaven has come down to us carrying the name of Jesus. Let’s partner in making much of His name.

Some partners you can expect at Catalyst Atlanta this year are Convoy of Hope, Compassion, Harper Collins Christian Publishing, Planning Center,, Brightpeak, and many more. To view event details or buy your tickets, visit

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