Mike Weaver understands if you thought Big Daddy Weave was finished. After all, the front man for the Fervent Records pop/rock act realizes that a “best of” collection is usually the last release in a band’s career. Given the tremendous success of the band’s latest single, however, it’s clear that Big Daddy Weave is alive and kicking.

Last year, The Ultimate Collection was released after a decade of hits like “Audience of One” and “In Christ.” But four years had passed since Big Daddy Weave had released a proper studio album. Weaver laughs and says, “Trust me. We’re not done.”

“Sometimes a best of record can signal the demise of a group,” says Weaver. “It’s almost like, ‘Well, you guys are hanging it up. You have these great songs, so let’s use this last ditch effort to squeeze what we can out of you guys.’ To avoid that, we included a brand new song that is the title track of the new record coming out and we named the tour after it as well.”

The radio single is “Love Come To Life” and it’s one of the band’s biggest hits to date. The song has been on the Billboard Charts for an incredible 25 weeks and it’s still at No. 8 as of press time. The song also hit No. 1 on the Christian AC charts. It’s a heartfelt tune that’s deeply personal to the band, and its popularity shows that the audience feels the same.

“We used that title because it signals something that’s on our heart as well,” says Weaver. “We are all guilty, even the members of Big Daddy Weave, of talking such a good game. God loves the world. Jesus gave his life. Then that’s the end of it. It’s a neat discussion in your home group, but where’s the reality of that? Jesus says that the world would know we are His by the way we love one another…”


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