CCM: When you share songs birthed out of such pain, are you also hearing the stories of others that are in similar situations?
AT: Oh, goodness, yes! That’s been a huge thing. It’s been that way a long time, even before I started to write worship, in my singer-songwriter days. It’s never to wow or polarize a crowd, but I’ve learned that the more honest you are, it just awakens people. A lot of people think that what they’re going through is not relatable, so they stay quiet about it. They think nobody gets it. Nobody understands. They think they’re going to be alone. We can hear all the time that we’re not alone, but we feel like we really are.

So, the more transparent I am about my joys and my difficulties, the more people respond. The more that I share my story, the more stories people share back with me. When we released the EP last fall, which has the song “My Prayer For You,” it’s amazing to watch the comments and messages and posts that people have shared. It’s phenomenal how a song can just unlock somebody to suddenly share something from his or her life.

CCM: Does a moment or song ever become too personal for you to even share on stage?
AT: Whenever I’m sharing my story or singing a song, I really try mentally and emotionally to go into that place of where I was when something happened or when we wrote it. Even in worship, I can get very emotional from talking about the Lord and His incredible mercy and grace. People can have a misconception and ask, ‘How can the Lord be good when all these bad things are happening?’ It’s really an honor to maybe open up people’s eyes so they don’t have to look at God like that. He’s not the One causing the storms. He’ll rescue you from them.

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