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Pearl City Worship – ‘We Won’t Be Silent’ album review
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Pearl City Worship – ‘We Won’t Be Silent’ album review

Pearl City Worship, CCM Magazine - imagePearl City Worship from Hyderabad, India, a discovery of renowned producer Ian Eskelin, has already made waves in their home country with their debut album, We Won’t Be Silent. The album landed atop the iTunes charts in India already, and now they’re looking to make a similar impact in the U.S. From the outset, one may wonder if the upbeat, electro-pop vibe is true to Pearl City or whether Eskelin’s influence found its way in? Even though we’ve confirmed that the sound is intrinsic to the band, it doesn’t matter, as songs like “The Answer” and “The One Who Saves Us” are irresistible nonetheless. Other tracks like “Still” and “His Love (Hallelujah)” fit comfortably alongside your congregational favorites. If you’re looking for a new worship release with an interesting story to tell, Pearl City Worship is a nice find.

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