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If your nightly sleeping patterns have avoided rocks the last few years, there’s a strong chance that you are already very familiar with Danny Gokey’s story. Real talk, here. It’s also likely the ad nauseam of our inundation from television media and reality shows—the very same mediums that introduced all of us to Gokey in 2009—have certainly done their part in clouding our minds from then to now.

Along with those [constant] distractions and the huge 2016 success of his now flagship single, “Tell Your Heart To Beat Again” (from Hope In Front Of Me, released in 2014—buy), you might not remember—or even realize—that Gokey, in fact, has merely just been chipping away at a “comeback,” of sorts. It’s easy to think that he’s “hade it made,” considering the shine that was handed him through the auspices of American Idol. But after the initial album released in the glow of those moments, that light began to dim. Quickly.

Gokey was dropped from his first label. No new music had been recorded. Despite the good that came from 2009’s huge rise, was this just another flash in the pan? The other part of the story you may not know, is that before hanging out in Hollywood green room’s with the likes of Ryan Seacrest, Adam Lambert, and Kris Allen, for eight-plus years Gokey was a worship leader in his local church, bouncing back and forth between various campus locations, and leading his given community. His dreams and aspirations, at that time, were to one day possibly use that voice on a bigger stage.

Obviously, God had other plans.

“One of the things I love about my career is that, I think it should be ‘this way,’” admits Gokey. “I have what I think, but I love how God is like, ‘Yeah, that’s cool. Let Me put it right there.’ I’m a visionary—I like to talk about things. I like to see things from my perspective, but I have a great Dad who just knows how to say, ‘I’m going to put you right here.’” Through the up’s and down’s—this roller coaster ride—Gokey now seems secure in that vision, through Christ’s lenses, of course, but his message remains the same: Hope. After all, who better to offer words of hope, time and again, than Danny Gokey?


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  1. LucyFave

    Thanks for the great article (and good questions) on Danny Gokey. Really enjoyed reading it and I will be sharing it!

  2. Bob Peacock

    Enjoy your messages immensely., through your words and music., lives are healed. Thank you. and blessings to you and yours always., Keep up the great work you are doing in His service..

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