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CCM: We can’t help but note the synergy between the story behind the song “Tell Your Heart To Beat Again” and the story of your first wife. What goes through your mind when you sing that song night after night?
First of all, I can’t believe that God gave me that song, and how it came to be—I feel like it was destiny.

CCM: We can’t think of a better person to sing it.
You know, it’s not every time, but a lot of times I see a picture of Jesus walking through the aisles and He’s healing hearts. I know that’s a very simple thought, but I like picturing stuff like that—I have the same thought when I sing “Rise.” That’s one of my favorite things to do—just picturing God doing something bigger than I can imagine…when you see the tears of the people who are singing along, it makes me wonder, “What are their stories?”

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  1. LucyFave

    Thanks for the great article (and good questions) on Danny Gokey. Really enjoyed reading it and I will be sharing it!

  2. Bob Peacock

    Enjoy your messages immensely., through your words and music., lives are healed. Thank you. and blessings to you and yours always., Keep up the great work you are doing in His service..

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