Travis Tritt Releases Debut Gospel Project, ‘Country Chapel’

Multi-award-winning artist Travis Tritt has released his long-awaited debut Gospel project, 'Country Chapel,' beckoning listeners on a nostalgic voyage into the depths of his childhood roots. The heartfelt album captures audiences with its genuine renditions and powerful testimonies of redemption, paying tribute to Tritt's formative years within the warm embrace of the 'Country Chapel.'

Travis Tritt Talks First Gospel Album, ‘Country Chapel’

Multi-award-winning country artist Travis Tritt talks to us about his debut Gospel album 'Country Chapel' (out this Friday, Sept 15), when he wrote the original Christian tracks that appear on the project, collaborating with The Oak Ridge Boys, being outspoken on social issues, and more.

Travis Tritt To Release First-Ever Gospel Project, Country Chapel, Inspired by His Childhood Roots

Multi-award-winning artist Travis Tritt is set to release his highly anticipated debut Gospel project, Country Chapel, taking listeners on a nostalgic journey back to his childhood roots. Captivating audiences with authentic renditions and powerful testimonies of redemption, this heartfelt album pays homage to Tritt's formative years within the comforting embrace of the Country Chapel.
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