Pardon the Introduction: The Gray Havens

For our first Pardon the Introduction, we’re excited to feature The Gray Havens. Dave and Licia Radford, a husband/wife duo from Illinois, blend indie folk sensibilities and gorgeous pop soundscapes, but it’s the depth of their songwriting and storytelling that’s especially noteworthy.

The Gray Havens Have Released Their Fourth Studio Album ‘She Waits’

The Gray Havens released their fourth studio album, She Waits, through Artist Garden Entertainment on October 5. Produced by Ben Shive (Colony House, Ellie Holcomb), She Waits, chronicles a band at their apex, stretching their sound in new directions while maintaining the song-craft that so distinguishes them. The new eternity themed album includes songs that take on the structure of story, some epic and metaphorical and others profound in simplicity.
Dave Radford, CCM Magazine - image

The Gray Havens – The Last Time

Sometimes it’s easy to forget that the artists we appreciate are also fans as well. It made us curious about the tastes and habits of various artists, so we decided to launch a series, "The Last Time," to find out some answers.