A Conversation with Lincoln Brewster

The new album from Lincoln Brewster is set to release next week! We talk with him about the new project, being in the business for 20+ years, a message of hope and more.

Lincoln Brewster Releases ‘A Mostly Acoustic Christmas’

Integrity Music artist Lincoln Brewster released his new album, A Mostly Acoustic Christmas, today in time for the holiday season. This marks his second Christmas project and is a fun passion project that he recorded and self-produced at home with family and friends and the help of his two dogs.

Lincoln Brewster Gets His Own Signature Strat

Fender adds to its Artist Signature Series lineup with the Lincoln Brewster Stratocaster®. Lincoln Brewster is a prominent figure in the worship music community. He now joins the ranks of other musicians who have been bestowed this honor such as Duff of Guns n’ Roses, Eric Clapton, Brad Paisley, Ed O’Brien of Radiohead and more.

Lincoln Brewster – God of the Impossible

Hard times will come, but we can choose our posture, and that’s exactly the idea Brewster explores in his tenth album God of the Impossible. Drawing inspiration from the massive devastation of the recent California wildfires, the deep pain faced by friends in his church, and his love for his wife and children, Brewster hopes to give the church the songs they need to find encouragement.