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Read the current CCM Magazine: November 15, 2015

Front man Sonny Sandoval of P.O.D. discusses the band’s latest album, their ongoing struggle to prove their faith in the face of controversy, and reveals the true cost of life on the road. Affirmed pastor, author MAX LUCADO expounds on the illustrations of Joshua and asks, “Why do we deny ourselves our inheritance, our glory?” Releasing his second album featuring vertical enhancements to seasonal classics, renown worship leader PAUL BALOCHE continues to challenge us to make Christmas a season of worship. FREE resources for worship leaders inside!
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Have faith!

Don’t give up the faith. No one, including the God-breathed Word itself, said that following Christ is going to be a cupcake party. There will be suffering, but God has promised us restoration, confirmation, strength—and will establish His order out of our chaos. Have faith! #PrayForParis