Billy Ballenger | ‘Mercy’ (acoustic)

Billy Ballenger performs his current single, 'Mercy' in the CCM Cafe! The track was co-written with Building 429s Jason Roy and Jesse Garcia; and NewSong‘s Russ Lee. BONUS PERFORMANCE:  Billy Ballenge...

Billy Ballenger Releases New Single ‘Mercy’

Singer/songwriter Billy Ballenger returns with the release of “Mercy." The powerful anthem, encouraging listeners to step past shame into the joy and freedom of God’s forgiveness, was co-written by Ballenger; Building 429's Jason Roy and Jesse Garcia; and NewSong's Russ Lee. The single was produced by Jason Roy.

A Conversation with Billy Ballenger

Billy Ballenger and his wife were living a life of crime that ultimately led to their home being raided by the SWAT team. Everything changed when Billy met a Christian man in a gas station. Learn more about the powerful story and Billy's music in this CCM interview!