I listen to new Christian music from all genres pretty much all day long while I am finding content to post for CCM fans. That being said, it still amazes me when I come across an artist that I not familiar with…especially when that artist/group is in one of my preferred genres….rock. And, the ironic thing is that I discovered this artist from a new worship song. If I hadn’t heard of Adelaide until now, then maybe you haven’t either. After hearing ‘Feet of Jesus,’ I decided to check out the full length album, Strong and Brave, and it is most excellent also. If you like Skillet, Ledger, Fireflight, and Lacey Sturm…I’m pretty sure you will like Adelaide.

Adelaide’s new song, ‘Feet of Jesus,’ & 2019’s album Strong and Brave are BOTH the Best Thing I Heard Today!….

YouTube Lyric Video for  ‘Feet of Jesus’:


Strong and Brave Album Playlist:

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