The Independent Music Awards

Known for supporting artists that follow their own muse, the Independent Music Awards program receives submissions from artists previously on major labels as well as self-released and indie label talent from more than 70 countries. Honors in more than 70 Song, Album, Music..

Q&A with Songwriter, Laura Kaczor

Laura Kaczor (pronounced, kuh ZOR), a Nashville recording artist, songwriter, worship leader and speaker, released her new album Love Enough to stores nationwide in Fall of 2010 through Universal Music Christian Group/Fontana distribution on LifeThirst Records/IE. Lindsey Kirkendall of CCM Indie...

New Music Exclusive Artist: Aaron Cox

Aaron Cox released his debut EP, Back From The Grave, which he wrote, produced, sang and played guitars, bass and drums. Back From The Grave covers a variety of musical styles, but centers around an alternative pop theme.

New Music Exclusive Artist: Mariah Hostrander

Compared to Natalie Merchant but a bit more rockin', Mariah Hostrander is a praise and worship artist with a folk/pop-rock sound with great worship tunes that many churches will pick up and run with.

New Music Exclusive Artist: The Sunrise

Upon hearing The Sunrise's debut album, "Spread The Word," Phil Keaggy exclaimed, "Man is that good, are you going to give me a copy?" Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee and member of the Byrds, Chris Hillman, called The Sunrise "Sweet, melodic and moving," and said, "The joy of music lives in...

New Music Exclusive Artist: Savior Soul

The members of Savior Soul met in the summer of 2010, and it was evident from their first time playing together that they had something special. After five months they were in the recording studio and playing at secular clubs in the Philadelphia area. They have a unique rock sound that is infused...

The Heart of Worship Wars

(JUNE 2011) The term Worship Wars has been thrown around for a while now. In my experience, it began as the battle of The Chorus vs The Hymn...

New Music Exclusive Artist: Damian Follett

Damian Follett is a Canadian singer/songwriter based in Newfoundland, an island province on the east coast of Canada. His music has been described as real stories about real people. People are always inspired by Follett's lyrics and his understanding and respect for the things that really...

With Music and Justice For All

(JUNE 2011) Artists boast all the time about being unique and unlike the rest but Corrin Campbell is the real deal. Her unmatched background coupled with her dynamic, pop rock sound makes her a force to be reckoned with in the Christian music world.

Are You Authentic? A Musical & Spiritual Dilemma, Part 2

Make vital music and set the world afire! In last month's edition, I posed questions related to authenticity - what is it and why is it important? In this edition, I will be exploring authenticity from the perspective of how it specifically applies to the art form of music.