We Are Messengers | ‘Maybe It’s OK’ + special story behind

Darren and Kyle from We Are Messengers stopped by the CCM Magazine Cafe today and shared this emotional story about a fan who lost her battle with depression. The fan, Chelsea, had told the band many times that their song 'Maybe It's OK' was keeping her alive. Listen as Darren tells the story and then gives us a special acoustic performance of the track.

We Are Messengers ‘Power’

Power is the new and explosive full-length album from We Are Messengers. The gritty and truth filled lyrics strike directly to the core of the listener with this 12-song presentation. The sophomore offering is a mixture of pop and rock, giving something new at every turn to catch the ear.... Read more

We Are Messengers Releases Sophomore Album ‘Power’

We Are Messengers has released, Power—the band’s sophomore project. Power was conceived nearly two years ago with We Are Messengers front man Darren Mulligan and guitarist Kyle Williams self-producing and co-writing the majority of the album’s 12 tracks.

We Are Messengers Release ‘Power’

We Are Messengers has announced the release of its second album, Power. The band has already amassed nearly 100 million on-demand streams and surpassed 1 billion radio impressions. The album is completely self-written and self-produced by the band, and features the Top 5 single, “Maybe It’s Okay,” “Love,” and the title track and Top 10 single, “Power.” “Power is the record we’ve always wanted to make. This record is raw, vulnerable, joyful, raucous, worshipful, and honest, in equal measures.” —front man Darren Mulligan

PHOTOS: Hillsong Young & Free + We Are Messengers

Hillsong Young and Free teamed up with We Are Messengers for the Hillsong Young and Free III Tour fall of 2019. Check out the celebration in the VA Beach, Virginia gallery by CCM Magazine’s Annette Holloway for a unique perspective of the show.