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Urban Rescue – ‘Wild At Heart EP’ album review
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Rend Family Records

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Phil Wickham, Crowder, Rend Collective, Stars Go Dim

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“His Name”

Urban Rescue – ‘Wild At Heart EP’ album review

Urban Rescue, CCM Magazine - imageRepresenting the first release from fan favorite Rend Collective’s label, Rend Family Records (under the guise of Capitol Records), Urban Rescue—calling themselves a “revival band” from Los Angeles, California—offers their new EP Wild At Heart. After this brief five-track introduction we can confidently boast about the band’s depth—and, we’re hedging our bets on it being way more than just choosy song sequencing. The crisp vocal performance from front man Jordan Frye offers a much welcome timbre among the slew of grizzly-bearded malaise readily accessible today, and as their moniker suggests, the upbeat and celebratory arrangements lay a foundation for hope and positive vibes. Make no mistake, this is a worship project, but in the vein of Phil Wickham and Crowder’s more synth-led selections, Urban Rescue does a masterful job at meshing pop sensibility with devoted praise—we can’t wait to hear more.

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