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Tyrus Morgan – ‘When We Love’ album review
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“When We Love”

Tyrus Morgan – ‘When We Love’ album review

Tyrus Morgan, CCM Magazine - imageTyrus Morgan kicks off his anticipated third LP with title track, “When We Love,” boasting its bold and poignant statement of only finding God and the best of us when we earnestly seek and fulfill Mark 12:31, ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’ There is no commandment greater than these. Considering Morgan’s extensive songwriting and production career, it’s easy to quickly hear that When We Love is a cut above the mold on both points. Morgan continues his signature crisp, less-is-more approach, but we were pleased to hear a more versatile and whimsical timbre on tracks like “Your Love Won’t Be Denied” and “Give It All Back” (not sure if keytar’s were used in the studio?). Don’t miss the Unspoken cover “Good Fight,” which Morgan originally co-penned for their 2014 release, and the hymn-like “My Soul Be Satisfied.”

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