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Tye Tribbett – ‘The Bloody Win (Live)’ album review
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Tye Tribbett – ‘The Bloody Win (Live)’ album review

Tye Tribbett, CCM Magazine - image

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According to Tye Tribbett, the meaning behind his latest and second consecutive live album, The Bloody Win (buy) lies within the concept of “aggressive victory.” After the album’s “Intro,” a recording of several voices uttering jaw-dropping statistics of human trafficking, the tolls of stress in America, suicide rates, and the rising number of people diagnosed with depression, the resulting declaration at the end of this introduction—a resounding, “These are not just statistics, this is warfare”—sets the tone for this unique project. It’s not all doom-and-gloom, however—far from it. As with any Tribbett recording, there’s going to be plenty of pop-and-hop, and The Bloody Win, as expected with this kind of live album, incorporates its fair share of high energy and drama. With updated takes on fan favorites such as “I Want More,” “Already Won,” “Live!,” and “Work It Out,” and with this particular collection’s timbre containing a world-beat flair and a capella notes, this release is a must-have for Tribbett’s growing fan base and anyone seeking to be truly battle-ready and tested.

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