Todd Agnew – ‘From Grace To Glory’ album review
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Todd Agnew – ‘From Grace To Glory’ album review

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It’s understandable why more than five years have passed since we’ve heard new music from Todd Agnew, after all, in addition to his role as full-time worship leader, Agnew is nearing completion of his Masters degree from Dallas Theological Seminary—which does, in fact, lead him directly into the reason for this masterpiece. From Grace To Glory (buy) is a culmination, of sorts, of Agnew’s journey from Christian pop star to more ministry-minded pursuits, but it’s not a “Best-Of” compilation, as a quick glance at his bio would relay, “[it’s] a collection of the songs Todd wishes you had.” As you would expect, this album runs the gamut sonically with Agnew’s signature gristly pop-rock sounds, to intimate-worshipful numbers (“The One You Want,” “Did You Mean Me?”), a reprise of “Our Great God” feat. Rebecca St. James (from 2007’s Better Questionsbuy), U2’s bluesy “When Love Come To Town” (as featured on 2004’s In The Name Of Love: Artists United For Africa), and the standout “His Eye Is On The Sparrow” featuring tastefully greasy jamming and an ear-pleasing duet introducing Trulah Maloy. Now that he’s neatly packaged these moments together for us, we’re eager to see (and hear) where Agnew’s next stop will be along this journey—we’re grateful he’s taken us along for the ride.


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