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The Letter Black – ‘Pain’ album review
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Flyleaf, Evanescence, Skillet

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“Last Day That I Cared”
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The Letter Black – ‘Pain’ album review

The Letter Black, CCM Magazine - image

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No “Pain,” no gain. If loud guitars and extensive drum fills are more your style, you won’t want to miss The Letter Black’s third album Pain (buy). Funded on Kickstarter, the band has declared it their no-boundaries, “heaviest record yet,” freed from label conventions to make a hard rock album for their longtime fans. No noticeable drop-off’s in production value, and the band really sounds as if they’ve rejuvenated their efforts just for you. Additionally, front woman Sarah Anthony puts on a clinic for leading chick-rockers. If you love bands like Red and Skillet, you’ll definitely want to add a dose of Pain to your summer rock playlist.


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