The Gray Havens ‘She Waits’ Album Review
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The Gray Havens ‘She Waits’ Album Review

The Gray Havens
She Waits
(Artist Garden Entertainment)

The Gray Havens is a band that seeps into your bones. The husband/wife team of Dave and Licia Radford provides equal parts grandeur, poetry, and modern beats to create absolute magic. Try to compare them to any other band, though, and you’ll come up empty. The Gray Havens have a sound all their own.

On their new album She Waits, the band expands the musical vision they built in 2016’s Ghost of a King. The album’s (ahem) high point, is “High Enough,” a pulsing, elegant track that asks, “How much is too much?,” and the song soars when rapper Propaganda joins in with a powerful verse. She Waits is a huge step forward for a band that’s destined for great things. The sound is fresh, the lyrics are powerful, and the musicianship is magnificent on what’s sure to be one of the best albums of the year.

–John Barber

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