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The Brilliance – ‘All Is Not Lost’ album review
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Gungor, John Mark McMillan

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“All Is Not Lost”

The Brilliance – ‘All Is Not Lost’ album review

The Brilliance, CCM Magazine - image

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If you’re already a fan of The Brilliance, then you’re likely also a fan of imaginative and even challenging worship music. David Gungor and John Arndt are the duo behind The Brilliance, with David as the brother for, you might have guessed, Michael Gungor. It’s hard not to draw lines (and comparisons), but The Brilliance shine brightly on their own for their hopeful, poetic lyrics and beautiful melodies. More than anything, The Brilliance encourage the world to come, as illustrated on the lovely title track (“May the seeds of peace be scattered/Birthing trees whose shade gives us rest”). Each song better positions the listener to understand and bring forth the kingdom of God.


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