SWITCH ‘Symphony’ Review
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(Dream Records)

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SWITCH ‘Symphony’ Review

(Dream Records)

Gone are the days of kids belting out garage band tunes with crunchy guitars. Today’s youth group bands favor slick beats and emotional singing that would feel right at home on Top 40 radio, and SWITCH, the house band for Life.Church, is ready to step into the spotlight.

SWITCH’s strengths lie in carrying a youthful sound without feeling immature. “Lifeline” has a pleasant groove and catchy hook that recalls a lighter OneRepublic, while “Higher and Higher” dabbles with a retro vibe. But toward the middle of the EP, things start sounding alike in a string of pleasant pop tracks with straightforward church songwriting. It’s the closing title track that brings in some variety, backing a soulful performance and hip-hop guest spot with a lovely symphonic pop track.

That said, SWITCH definitely has potential, and when Symphony shines, it makes a solid first impression, leaving us looking forward to where this band goes next.

–Jen Rose Yokel

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Jen Rose Yokel

Jen Rose Yokel is a writer with roots in Christian radio. Her past adventures include a decade working at a major market CCM station, hosting a Christian rock radio show, writing album reviews for Jesus Freak Hideout, and attending more concerts than she can remember. Currently she is a social media content writer for The Q90.1 in Worcester, MA and a regular contributor to The Rabbit Room.

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