Stars Go Dim ‘Better’ Album Review
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Stars Go Dim ‘Better’ Album Review

Stars Go Dim
(Word Entertainment)

If it’s possible to be both restrained yet in-your-face at the same time, Chris Cleveland, better known as Stars Go Dim, has achieved just that with his sophomore EP, Better.

We got a taste of Cleveland’s spot-on pop sensibility with his debut single “You Are Loved,” which reached No. 1 on the charts. This time around, slick yet ambient production meets a contagious, rhythmic energy wrapped around lyrics that, while perhaps not profound, are substantive.

“Heaven on Earth,” also released in an alternate acoustic and remix versions, celebrates the diversity of heaven while seeking the same right here, right now. Each track is solidly grounded in scripture, which is showcased in lyrics unapologetically declaring God’s faithfulness and sovereignty. The EP exudes confidence and displays a maturation of Cleveland both musically and spiritually. His first time around was amazing; his second, however, is even Better.

Caroline Lusk

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