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Skillet – ‘Unleashed Beyond’ album review
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Skillet – ‘Unleashed Beyond’ album review

Skillet, CCM Magazine - image

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Rather than delivering a brand new EP, rockers Skillet franchise the Unleashed “brand” with this deluxe-deluxe version titled Unleashed Beyond (buy), which features five previously unreleased tracks. Of the said new songs, collectively, they represent both the new Christian radio-friendly Skillet and the heavy-hitting arena rockers we will always love. After the smash “Stars” from 2016’s Unleashed (buy) officially gave mini-van drivers the world over permission to invite Skillet into their mom-approved playlists (and seat-back monitors), selections from Beyond such as “Stay Til The Daylight” and “Brave” are proving the foursome to be a very versatile force. Furthering that, Beyond offers dubstep-like alternative takes on Unleashed hits “The Resistance” (SOLI) and “Feel Invincible” (Y2K), which will become the new post-soccer practice drop-off jams of choice. Throw in the “Film Version” of “Stars” (from The Shack Soundtrackbuy), and you’re more-than complete to be unleashed again and again. If Unleashed is a 4-star review, we’ll happily give Beyond a “4.5” for five great new additions.


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