SHINEBRIGHT: ‘Only You’ album review
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"Closer to the Sun"

SHINEBRIGHT: ‘Only You’ album review


In an effort to sharpen the focus of their message, Shine Bright Baby has officially changed their name to SHINEBRIGHT. Fortunately, there wasn’t a need to tinker with the band’s infectious pop sound. Only You is the BEC band’s new 9-track EP that offers five new songs and four remixes, including turns by Unikron and Dream Records’ Jonathan Thulin.

EP opener “Closer to the Sun” is the addictive center of this sonic solar system, despite the impressive appearances turned in by guests like Thulin and Rapture Ruckus on lead single “Reckless for Love” and “Limitless,” respectively. The track is a stellar mid-tempo start to the EP and conjures comparisons to Leigh Nash’s work with Delerium in the short-lived side project, Fauxliage.

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