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Rend Collective – ‘Campfire II: Simplicity’ album review
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Rend Collective – ‘Campfire II: Simplicity’ album review

Rend Collective, CCM Magazine - image

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Campfire II (buy) is exactly what it sounds like: a campfire recording. It’s also an idea that would fall flat if not for the inventive joy in charge of its execution. Rend Collective has earned the right to chase any sonic idea at this point after releasing two jubilant, imaginative worship albums over the years. This unplugged album brings those favorites into the campfire sing-along setting along with two new songs and a cover of Hillsong UNITED’s uber-favorite “Oceans (Where Feet May Fail).” The style works best with the collective’s own compositions, but you can’t blame them for trying. It’s always in good fun when they’re involved.


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