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Rapture Ruckus – ‘Ignition EP’ album review
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Rapture Ruckus – ‘Ignition EP’ album review

Rapture Ruckus, CCM Magazine - image

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Rapture Ruckus is back with an all-new EP inspired by and for the science-fiction novel Ignition (buy book) by William Hawk. Yes, it’s a rarity to have a soundtrack companion to a book, but to us, that makes a lot of sense—it’s a lot easier to listen to a record while reading vs. watching a movie, right? Additionally, it seems to work for front man and lead creative Brad Dring, as this 5-song short set soars above some of Ruckus’ previous, more youth-groupy sounding releases.

With an added depth both musically and lyrically, the Ignition EP (buy) is both grit and pop, rock and hip hop—incorporating everything we already love about Dring & Co. Ignition is written and produced with fellow New Zealander Geoff Duncan, a key collaborator since 2007 when the producing duo first joined forces on the critically acclaimed album I Believe (buy title track), which won the NZ Music Award for Best Gospel Album.

Manager for Rapture Ruckus, Jono Scarlet, says a US tour is in the works and will bring the new music along with Dring’s signature show to fans across the country.

Only thing left to do now? Experiencing these songs performed live on the moon (or even Mars, perhaps?), we think the guys would be “up” for it.

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