Randall Goodgame – ‘Sing The Bible, Vol. 3’ album review
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VeggieTales, Randall Goodgame

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“Get Up!”

Randall Goodgame – ‘Sing The Bible, Vol. 3’ album review

slugs-n-bugs-sing-the-bible-vol-3-inset-CCM Magazine.comIf you’re a parent, you know great kids music everyone can enjoy listening to about 500 times can be tough to find. Thankfully Randall Goodgame’s Slugs And Bugs series continues to deliver playful, funny albums the kids will love, with beautiful songwriting and lovingly crafted music everyone can enjoy. The seventh Slugs And Bugs installment, Sing The Bible, Vol. 3, blends familiar Bible verses and stories with toe-tapping melodies, top-notch musicianship and production, and a packed cast of familiar voices, from Sara Groves and Bart Millard (MercyMe), to Mike Weaver (Big Daddy Weave) and Propaganda. And there’s still plenty of silliness to go around too (don’t miss “When You Give To The Needy” featuring Sally Lloyd-Jones and Propaganda talking about the joy of carrots). The Slugs And Bugs crew continues to take their silliness very seriously, making children’s music with love and attention to excellence. While your kids are singing, laughing, and learning Scripture along the way, you just might find yourself hooked on this music too.

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