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Phil Wickham – ‘Children Of God’ album review
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Phil Wickham – ‘Children Of God’ album review

Phil Wickham, CCM Magazine - imagePopular recording artist and worship leader Phil Wickham recently lost the very thing he’s most known for: his vocal ability. A risky surgery to repair his vocal cords left Wickham wondering if he might not sing again and what means for his identity. The end result is a renewed sense of his spiritual identity in Christ, and a wellspring of new songs on Children Of God. “Your Love Awakens Me,” the lead single, is a powerful pop refrain that directly speaks from his harrowing experience. On “Better Than Life,” Wickham “gives it all to God” as he learns that God’s love is better than any other pursuit. “Starmaker (High Above the Earth)” is bound become a congregational favorite with its interesting slant on the greatness of God. Wickham’s learned lesson is a welcome truth for all of us.

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