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Passion – ‘Salvation’s Tide Is Rising’ album review
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Chris Tomlin, Crowder, Kristian Stanfill

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“All We Sinners”

Passion – ‘Salvation’s Tide Is Rising’ album review

Passion, CCM Magazine - imageEschewing the typical live conference approach for the studio turn, the newest Passion worship release has thankfully trimmed the fat. Recent releases were certainly worth checking out, but the time felt right for a change. Too much of a good thing, and all.

Salvation’s Tide is Rising sits at a svelte ten songs, and the approach allows each artist and offering to stand tall. The end result is a stellar set of nine new songs and one remake (“Good Good Father”). Crowder, Chris Tomlin, Christy Nockels, Matt Redman, Kristian Stanfill—the familiar sounds are all there. Fortunately they made room for one newcomer, Jimi Cravity, whose synth(etic) approach throws a nice sonic curveball on “Surrender.”

“Simple Pursuit” is a strong, simple refrain from Melodie Malone. “All We Sinners” resonates with the listener long after the song closes out. The same could be said of “I Turn To Christ,” “Remember” and the title track and, really, every song for that matter. This is easily the best Passion worship release in several years.

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  1. Caleb Brink

    Um… Not to be a hater but this may be passion’s WORST worship album in a long time… Look @’s review… Way more accurate

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