P.O.D.: ‘The Awakening’ album review
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P.O.D.: ‘The Awakening’ album review

For nearly 25 years, P.O.D. has held a place alongside the most recognized hardcore acts of a generation. From early smashes like “Alive” and “Youth of the Nation” to recent hits like “Lost in Forever” and “Beautiful,” the veteran SoCal band continues to deliver albums of popular, positive anthems that resonate with the masses. Their long-time collaboration with producer Howard Benson assures they’re likely to remain at the top with their latest album.

The Awakening, the band’s 10th studio release, tells the story of an unnamed central character coming to terms with his own mistakes through the course of his life that culminates in his “awakening” to the truth and beauty of love and forgiveness. An ongoing dialogue precedes each of the album’s tracks, giving context for the narrative.

The approach gives meaningful depth to The Awakening for those who sit down and listen from beginning to end, but P.O.D. clearly knows the value of a killer cut, which means songs like “This Goes Out To You” and “Get Down” (featuring amazing guitar work from Marcos Curiel) are likely to find radio appeal as well.

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