Owl City — “Cinematic” Album Review
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Sky Sailing, The Ready Set

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“The 5th of July”

Owl City — “Cinematic” Album Review

Owl City

Owl City has grown considerably since Adam Young first hit the top of the charts with “Fireflies” nearly a decade ago. Cinematic is the brand new and expansive release, weighing in at 15 effervescent songs that each feel like the accompaniment to credits rolling after a motion picture. If you’re already a fan of Owl City’s easygoing synthpop structures, you’ll find lots to like here, the best of which is his retelling of his own birth on “The 5th of July.” Other favorites include the layered “Lucid Dream,” the propulsive “New York City” and the heartwarming “Always,” which reminds the listener of God’s presence and promises.

–Matt Conner

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