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Natalie Grant – ‘Dare To Be, Vol. 2’ book review
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Natalie Grant – ‘Dare To Be, Vol. 2’ book review

Natalie Grant, Charlotte Gambill, CCM Magazine - image

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In this, the second installment of the Dare To Be devotional series, Natalie Grant and Charlotte Gambill team up once more to deliver a thought-provoking, accessible collection of devotionals challenging the reader to be, to think, to dare more. The book, which will debut at the Dare To Be Conferences in early 2018, is a seamless continuation of its predecessor, but with notable, new life experiences woven throughout. The vulnerability and transparency of both Grant and Gambill put the reader at ease, while inviting them into what has been a challenging, yet triumphant season of their lives as mothers, wives, friends and daughters of the King. Perhaps most poignant are Natalie’s personal revelations and breakthroughs following her recent bout with cancer. The chapter which most directly references her health battle, “Your Outcome Doesn’t Determine His Goodness,” encompasses the overall spirit of the book—namely that it’s not about us and our circumstances. It is about Him.

Living up to its title, the book dares us to shift our focus. It’s not an easy task. It’s not always comfortable. And it absolutely requires faith; faith enough for us to abandon complacency, embrace our identity as His children and to be intentional. From beginning to end, the book challenges the status quo, steering us away from the concept of truth or dare. Rather, it provides a road map that leads us directly to the divine location at which truth and dare collide.

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