The Dailys ‘Fill This Cup’
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(Tone Tree Music)

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Ellie Holcomb, Jillian Edwards, Nichole Nordeman

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"Bring You Home"
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The Dailys ‘Fill This Cup’

The Dailys
Fill This Cup
(Tone Tree Music)

“Everyone you know is fighting for their life somewhere. So be kind.”

This timely reminder comes from The Dailys, a new side gig for established singer-songwriters Ellie Holcomb and Jillian Edwards. Their eponymous four-song EP is emotionally resonant throughout, speaking gentle love into tired souls who need some musical light.

The EP is a product of a rich history of collaboration for the pair. They’ve co-written songs for other artists and for each other, but listening to this partnership suggests they should have been performing together since the beginning. Ben Shive’s production is appropriately understated. The piano shines, particularly in “Bring You Home,” evoking a shadowy night and the hope that enters it.

Prior to the socially-distant, pandemic-addled year that was I would have never used this metaphor, but here it is: this EP is the great big hug that we’ve all needed for a long time.

—Mark Geil


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