Israel & New Breed ‘Worship Anywhere’
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(District 11 Entertainment)

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Israel & New Breed ‘Worship Anywhere’

Israel & New Breed
Worship Anywhere
(District 11 Entertainment)

Israel Houghton is correct when he asserts how believers can worship anywhere, which is the title to his latest project with New Breed. Consisting of fourteen tracks, this is an album you can take with you, and also worship anywhere.

The set features multiple collaborations with Adrienne Bailon-Houghton, Joe L Barnes, DOE and Nate Diaz, and is expressly worshipful throughout. In some instances, these songs include Spanish language lyrics, which makes it a bilingual project of sorts. One of these notable examples is “Campfire Coritos.” Houghton and friends have some fun with it, too, breaking down into a worshipful country hoedown at one point on it. It also features some truly churchy piano running through its arrangement.

Lyrically, Houghton’s lyrics are heavy on ‘feeling the presence,’ but relatively light on orthodox theology. Keith and Kristyn Getty, this music is not. With “Miracles Signs & Wonders,” which rolls to a lightly funky groove, Houghton gives strong hints about his personal spiritual beliefs, which strongly lean toward the charismatic side of the faith spectrum.

Israel Houghton is a charismatic performer—stylistically, that is—and performs all these tracks with unbridled enthusiasm. He’s always been a sort of bridge artist, bringing together black gospel and white praise. Although this is by no means a meaty collection of songs, lyrically speaking, it does nevertheless include some mighty fine grooves. If you intend to get your worship on here there and everywhere, this album will make for an appropriate starting point.

—Dan MacIntosh

Spotify Album Playlist:

Worship Anywhere track list:
1. New Breed Anthem
2. Miracle, Signs and Wonders
3. Fun (Feat. DOE)
4. Wrong About You (Feat. Joe L Barnes)
5. Yes, Jesus Loves Me (Wrong About You)
6. Witness (Feat. Cristabel Clack)
7. Blessing and Honor (Feat. Anna Sailors)
8. Worthy (Blessing & Honor)
9. Flow Like a River
10. Certainly
11. Need to Know
12. Worship Anywhere (Feat. Linny Smith, Chenee Campbell)
13. Campfire Coritos (Feat. Claudette Bailon, Adriene Bailon-Houghton, Nate Diaz)
14. Spirit Medley (Feat. Lucia Parker, Onaje Jefferson)

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