Morgan Harper Nichols: ‘Morgan Harper Nichols’ album review
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Gotee Records

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Storyteller (ft. Jamie Grace)

Morgan Harper Nichols: ‘Morgan Harper Nichols’ album review

The initial story told about Morgan Harper Nichols will actually be about her younger sister, Jamie Grace. As the older sibling to one of Gotee Records’ most recognizable new artists, Nichols will need time to carve out her own platform. But given the talent that runs in the family, the silky smooth pop artist will undoubtedly find her own footing and fan base soon enough.

It’s not as if Nichols wants to avoid the connection. After all, the strongest song on her self-titled debut, “Storyteller,” features an appearance from Grace. Other guests also appear, including Mac Powell (“I Can’t Save Myself”) and All Sons & Daughters (“A Prayer for Grace”). But songs like “Grateful” show that Nichols can stand tall on her own.

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