Matt Redman: ‘Unbroken Praise’ album review
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Matt Redman: ‘Unbroken Praise’ album review

Matt Redman is nearing the 25-year mark as one of the world’s most recognized worship leaders, which makes every new release a greatly anticipated one. From “Better is One Day” to “10,000 Reasons (Bless the Lord),” Redman’s compositions have become anthems in the church for an entire generation, his reach spanning numerous continents while continuously growing. Redman’s latest is Unbroken Praise, recorded at Abbey Road Studios, and is anchored by the single “It Is Well With My Soul.” What makes this project unique is that it was recorded live, as guests were brought in via special invitation (hence the attendee’s signatures on the official album cover). While the totality of it lacks a specific theme or direction, it is a solid set of eleven vertical songs that stand on their own. Along with the lead single, the title track, “Unbroken Praise,” and “King of My Soul” seem especially poised, to join his impressive catalogue of songs as widely-sung favorites.

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