Life Worship UK “Speak to the Storm ” Album Review
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Harbourside Worship, Mosaic MSC

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“Peace Be Mine”

Life Worship UK “Speak to the Storm ” Album Review

Life Worship
Speak to the Storm

Fans of Life Church’s previous worship releases, Dance Again and Wide Open Space, will enjoy the lengthy new set entitled Speak to the Storm. Life Church, for the unfamiliar, is a network of churches out of Bradford, England that now includes locations in Warsaw, Poland and Belfast, Northern Ireland. This worship import features several of the church network’s worship leaders in a elongated time of worship that lingers with spontaneous prayer, instrumental builds and vertical themes. From an opening salvo that asks what else can the listener do but worship God, Speak to the Storm explores the greatness of God in myriad ways, including the Spirit’s ability to help us overcome our own storms. As the closing spoken word track encourages us, “We all have storms, but we all have a voice.”

–Matt Conner

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