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Lauren Daigle – ‘How Can It Be-Deluxe’ album review
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Lauren Daigle – ‘How Can It Be-Deluxe’ album review

Lauren Daigle, CCM Magazine - imageThe cries for more of Lauren Daigle make complete sense given the success of Centricity Records’ major find. Since she dropped her acclaimed debut, How Can It Be, the killer vocalist has won three Dove Awards, received a GRAMMY nomination, and hit the top of the charts with hits like “How Can It Be,” “First” and “Trust In You.”

On the new Deluxe Edition of her debut, two new tracks from Daigle from introduced along with new versions of “First” and “Come Alive (Dry Bones).” The new songs aren’t just afterthoughts, as both “Now is Forever” and “Wordless” are powerful ballads that stand as tall as anything on the more limited original release. Plus a new live rendition of “How Can It Be” show Daigle is just as powerful on the stage as she is in-studio.

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