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KJ-52 – ‘Jonah’ album review
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Manafest, John Reuben

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“Know About It (f/ Derek Minor)”

KJ-52 – ‘Jonah’ album review

KJ-52, CCM Magazine - imageFrom the outset of Jonah, veteran hip-hop artist KJ-52 presents a personal side not often found within a genre that can offer up swagger with little substance. From the album opener (“Hold On”) where he unveils the messages that play in his mind to other tracks that expose his heart and prayers (“More Of You Less Of Me”), Jonah is a more subdued hip-hop/pop approach from an artist who has little interest or time in being anything but honest. Even the LP’s title is simply his real name. The addition of guests like Curt Anderson, Derek Minor and several others make this a short (at eight songs), substantive set worth checking out—whether you’ve been a fan for the long haul or you haven’t checked in on KJ since the “Dear Slim” days.

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