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Kevin Max – ‘Serve Somebody’ album review
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“Pride (The Name of Love)”
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Kevin Max – ‘Serve Somebody’ album review

Kevin Max, CCM Magazine - image

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For his latest EP, the inimitable Kevin Max has reimagined several classic Christian songs originally performed by artists as varied as Bob Dylan and Larry Norman, The Call and U2. Max’s unmistakable vocal works especially well filling in for Bono on “Pride (The Name of Love),” but it also brings a completely new flavor to Rich Mullins’ favorite “Creed.” Mr. Mister’s “Kyrie” is a nice pop surprise that largely mirrors the ‘80s hit, while Dylan’s “Gotta Serve Somebody” is given two versions (go with the rock mix here). This tribute EP is a personal passion project for Max, but it’s entirely enjoyable for his many fans whom have long given him permission to follow his muse.


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