Joseph Habedank – ‘Resurrection’ album review
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“Just When You Thought”

Joseph Habedank – ‘Resurrection’ album review

Joseph Habedank, CCM Magazine - imageSouthern Gospel fans are already well acquainted with Joseph Habedank, former lead vocalist for The Perry’s. Now the acclaimed vocalist tells his musical testimony of overcoming addiction on his latest solo album, Resurrection. With a smooth yet powerful vocal, Habedank sings his story on moving songs like “Just When You Thought” and the bluegrass-tinged stomp of “Dead Things.” Despite the serious backdrop for the album’s formation, Resurrection is a surprisingly festive affair, from jazzed up tunes like “Jailbreak” and “Devil Can’t Dance” to the almost playful “Middle Man,” not to mention the opening pop refrain “Here He Comes.” If you’re a fan of Habedank’s previous work, you’ll undoubtedly find something to like among the many varied tunes on Resurrection.

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