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Jonathan Cain – ‘What God Wants To Hear’ album review
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Jonathan Cain – ‘What God Wants To Hear’ album review

Jonathan Cain, Journey, CCM Magazine - image

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Longtime Journey keyboard player/rhythm guitarist/co-writer Jonathan Cain has released several solo albums throughout his illustrious career, but What God Wants To Hear (buy) marks his first full-fledged Christian record. The legendary rocker who once even considered being a priest recently reconnected with his childhood faith in the wake of his marriage to Pastor Paula White, whose influence is apparent throughout a collection overflowing with joy and healing. Of course, Cain’s musicianship and production is also as pristine as ever, and while his voice is no match for Steve Perry or any of Journey’s subsequent substitutes, there’s an instant connection that comes from getting this intimate of a glimpse into the soul of a genuine superstar.


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