Jon Foreman: ‘The Wonderlands: Sunlight’ album review
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Jon Foreman: ‘The Wonderlands: Sunlight’ album review

Over seven years have passed since Jon Foreman last stepped into solo waters. Now Sunlight wades out as the first of four seasonally themed EPs that will give the Switchfoot front man a proper home for songs set apart from the band. With 24 tunes in total, Foreman is matching his previous offerings in quantity and quality with the vulnerable series,
The Wonderlands. Opening with the aforementioned Sunlight and closing with Dawn, Foreman’s new solo sets show a deep consideration of a life lived in both darkness and light. “Terminal,” the lead track, is an enchanting treatise on mortality and might just be among the best songs Foreman’s ever penned. “Caroline” is already a viral hit, and “All of God’s Children” provides a powerful unifying reminder that “all of God’s children shine underneath.”

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