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Jon Bauer – ‘The Light In Us’ album review
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Jon Bauer – ‘The Light In Us’ album review

Jon Bauer, CCM Magazine - imageFrom the opening cut of “Your Love is Beautiful,” Jon Bauer’s newest album bursts forth with infectious melodies anchored in hope and healing. The Juno-nominated pop artist and worship leader releases this seventh album in June, and it’s clear the 20-year musical veteran has found his stride on The Light in Us. From upbeat tracks like the title track or the aforementioned opener to more reflective moments on “Come Alive” and “Say Something,” Bauer’s message of hope in suffering should speak to deep places within the listener. “I want to hear you so I’m listening,” Bauer sings on the latter. Audiences should expect the Spirit to say something meaningful to them on Bauer’s newest full-length album.

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